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Fathers Day is just around the corner and Queens Park Preserves have a number of unique gift set ideas to suit every budget. It can be so difficult to find the right present. Something that is a little different but hits just the right note. So what could be better than a collection of tasty jams, marmalade or chutney? Our gift sets are available in a number of formats and range in price from just £4.95 2 jar gift set - Queens Park Preservesupwards. The beautiful 4 jar boxed gift set is priced at £10.95. These are beautifully presented with a silver foil blocked lid and make an ideal gift. They can be customised to include your personal choice of jams, marmalade or chutney (not all flavours are available). Please contact us for further details.

Our cellophane wrapped 2 jar gift set is available in six flavour combinations. They come with an attractive ribbon bow and represent great value for money at just £4.95 each. Once again, these can be customised by prior arrangement. Both the 2 and 4 jar gift set varieties contain our smaller size jars.

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If you are looking for another alternative why not consider purchasing any two of our larger jars along with a jute bag. Our entire product range is available for you to choose from so this could be a great option for you to take. The bags are available in natural (beige), green or burgundy and come complete with a gift tag for you to personalise your purchase. The total cost for two large jars and a jute bag is just £8.50. And don’t forget you can obtain a 10% discount off all of these prices by using our promo code shw214 and take advantage of our free delivery offer if you spend £12.00 or more (terms and conditions apply).



Super Fruit Combines Great Taste and Health Benefits 

The finest quality handmade blackcurrant jam from Queens Park Preserves is proving a real hit with the public. Sales are booming this year as word spreads about the quality of this artisan preserve. It has a deep, rich flavour which keeps people coming back for more! Whether used on toast in the morning, on scones with clotted cream at tea-time or as the filling for a classic victoria sponge one thing is certain, this one really hits the spot. Blackcurrants are probably best known for their use in Ribena, with over 95% of British blackcurrants being used to produce the soft drink. We source our fruit from a single award winning Herefordshire farm who were awarded the accolade of ‘Soft Fruit Grower of the Year’ in 2013 and are major suppliers to the producers of Ribena.

handmade blackcurrant jam - Queens Park Preserves

blackcurrant jam - Queens Park Preserves



Blackcurrants are recognised as a superfruit. They are also associated with bringing many health benefits. It is not widely recognised that blackcurrants are more than three times as rich in vitamin C as oranges. They are also rich in antioxidants. The highly respected Blackcurrant Foundation, reported recently that studies have shown blackcurrants can help reduce levels of cholesterol, boost immune systems and help guard against joint inflammation and kidney stones. There are also beneficial effects for asthma sufferers. So the handmade Blackcurrant jam from Queens Park Preserves not only gives you great flavour and enjoyment, it may improve your quality of life too.




Queens Park Preserves are looking to add a little heat to late Spring with two of our mouthwatering spicy preserves. With the weather taking a turn for the better and the barbeque season approaching  it seemed the ideal time to take a closer look at these two taste bud tinglers.

Spicy preserves -Queens Park Preserves Chilli jamChilli jam has been our best selling product for the past two years. It is made with fresh chilli, dried chilli, red bell peppers and smoked paprika. This is not designed to blow your head off and we would describe it as having medium heat and a subtle, refined, slightly smoky flavour. It is probably our most versatile preserve with an almost endless number of uses. Sublime as an accompaniment to cheese and crackers. So simple and yet so right! One of our favourite ideas is to use it as a glaze on salmon fillets. Just spread a layer onto the fillet before cooking in the oven. The chilli jam infuses into the salmon and is really delicious. Keep an eye on the recipes page for more ideas soon.

Spicy preserves - Queens Park Preserves Hot Spicy Onion chutneyQueens Park Preserves Hot Spicy Onion chutney is our most fierce offering. Each jar is packed full of flavour combined with real heat. We use more chilli in this chutney than in our chilli jam! When this is combined with mustard seed and black pepper it produces a fearsome combination. The flavour comes from our spice mix which includes cumin, coriander, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Throw in a little balsamic and white wine vinegar and the rest is in the slow cooking. This chutney works well on barbecued meats, especially sausages. It will certainly liven up a burger and it is also the perfect side dish to serve with curry. Just add poppadoms and enjoy this king of spicy preserves.



Topping our best selling list for the second year running Queens Park Preserves Chilli jam has proved to again be the most popular product with our customers. In fighting off strong competition at the top of the charts from both our Hot Spicy Onion chutney and the sublime Blackberry & Sloe Gin jam this perennial favourite has shown itself to be a real winner. Made from a combination of fresh and dried chilli, red bell peppers and smoked paprika this wonderful condiment is proving highly addictive! It was originally launched at the 2012 Stratford Food Festival and proved an instant hit. The versatility of Chilli jam means it can be used in a huge variety of ways. These include being used as a glaze on salmon or chicken or as an addition to soups or pasta dishes. Why not try it as a dip or as an accompaniment to a wide variety of cheese. Lunchtime sandwiches are brought alive by its depth of flavour and warmth. And with the summer approaching and the weather beginning to change for the better, don’t forget to keep a jar at the ready for the barbecue season!

It will be very interesting to see if Chilli jam remains at the top of the Queens Park Preserves best seller list in 2014/15 in the face of even stronger competition from two of our newest products, the indulgent Pear and Chocolate jam and the wonderful Red Onion and Balsamic chutney. These two have been very popular from their launch in Febraury 2014 and are already producing strong sales. Ultimately only you can decide but we have a feeling it will be a very close call indeed! Keep an eye on the latest updates as the year moves on.

Chilli jam best seller again

Will this be the next best seller???????