Queens Park Preserves are looking to add a little heat to late Spring with two of our mouthwatering spicy preserves. With the weather taking a turn for the better and the barbeque season approaching  it seemed the ideal time to take a closer look at these two taste bud tinglers.

Spicy preserves -Queens Park Preserves Chilli jamChilli jam has been our best selling product for the past two years. It is made with fresh chilli, dried chilli, red bell peppers and smoked paprika. This is not designed to blow your head off and we would describe it as having medium heat and a subtle, refined, slightly smoky flavour. It is probably our most versatile preserve with an almost endless number of uses. Sublime as an accompaniment to cheese and crackers. So simple and yet so right! One of our favourite ideas is to use it as a glaze on salmon fillets. Just spread a layer onto the fillet before cooking in the oven. The chilli jam infuses into the salmon and is really delicious. Keep an eye on the recipes page for more ideas soon.

Spicy preserves - Queens Park Preserves Hot Spicy Onion chutneyQueens Park Preserves Hot Spicy Onion chutney is our most fierce offering. Each jar is packed full of flavour combined with real heat. We use more chilli in this chutney than in our chilli jam! When this is combined with mustard seed and black pepper it produces a fearsome combination. The flavour comes from our spice mix which includes cumin, coriander, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Throw in a little balsamic and white wine vinegar and the rest is in the slow cooking. This chutney works well on barbecued meats, especially sausages. It will certainly liven up a burger and it is also the perfect side dish to serve with curry. Just add poppadoms and enjoy this king of spicy preserves.